It Overtakes Me {10 Oct 2010}

My curious cat, Tiffany{My cat, Tiffany.}


I know I missed a week. But there’s a reason.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog. I’m working on a different approach that is a little more me. It might take some time to develop, but when it does come, it should be worth the wait. I’ll still write these update posts because they’re fun. But you might not hear much else for a while. Don’t worry. I’m still here. I’m on Facebook if you want to talk. πŸ™‚

Anyway, here’s a few things I found this week.

You know I love my videos. It’s just so much easier to learn things when you see someone else do them. {P.S. I took this quiz in class the other day. You should take it. Thank you, Ms. Cordovi for the most informative information about ourselves. I learn so much from her. I’m overwhelmingly a Tactile/Kinesthetic learner. I’d say it’s true.} Threadbanger is the best resource I used for when I got stuck on my project. I just got finished making my new bag for school. I’ve been trying to do a lot more sewing lately. This website has tons of tutorials and sewing projects to do. I didn’t get the bag design from that site, but it helped when I got stuck on something. I love it. πŸ™‚ …

I was having trouble with my thread tension before I realized I was threading my sewing machine wrong. Watch this video (below) if you want to see how it’s done right. She has a few more videos up that help with the basics.

I would love to do this project. But I need someone to help me. Erin? πŸ™‚

This coming week is Houston Fashion Week. I have school and work on Tuesday and Thursday, so I can’t go those days, but I’m going on Thursday. I was going to go Monday, too, but I wasn’t fast enough with my ticket order. Oh well. At least I’m going one day.

I want to make something out of this fabric or this fabric. So cute. Maybe more PJs. πŸ™‚ … This fabric is pretty, too. This is my first super crafty Christmas in a long time. I am getting a head start. Don’t know exactly what I’m going to make yet at all … I think I might take this fabric and pull it across a frame and glue rhinestones to the tips of the flowers and frame it. Then I can put it as a big display piece in my living room. Maybe.


American Fashion

I have this gorgeous book called American Fashion. It’s got some amazing photos in it, so I thought I would share a few. … (and of course, give my opinions on them. Cause that’s what I do. …)

Just a warning: Every single one of these images is better in the book!

The caption says:

Unknown, ca. 1939
Harper's Bazaar cautioned shoppers not to
lose their heads to fashion in this shot by
Herbert Matter.

Are you kidding me with this picture? That would make me want to read the article right there. I love the side of fashion that shocks you when you see it. I’ve always kind of been intimidated by Harper’s Bazaar. I just never knew what to think of it. After seeing this picture, I want to go out right now and read that article.

I mean … I don’t want to end up with my head like that. That would be terrible!

Charles James, 1936
James opened his first boutique
in New York in 1928. Cecil Beaton's 1936
photograph for Vogue places a suite of
James's opera capes within a surrealist
trompe l'oeil setting.

This one creeps me out, but it’s beautiful. The silhouettes of the coats are amazing. The cinched waists and the way the fabric drapes to the ground is beautiful.

Designer Unknown, 1941
A Harper's Bazaar photograph
of a hand-knit black, wool sweater top
and gold velvet skirt completed by a
bolero cape, balloon muff, and wide
amber-studded leopard belt. Hoyningen-
Huene captures the model against a
cubist masterpiece.

I love this. I kind of want to be this woman. I wish it was in color. The description sounds beautiful.

Claire McCardell, 1950
McCordell's sportswear, such as this bubble-
shaped bathing suit, was highly influential
and considered ahead of its time.

I *LOVE* this swimsuit. I want one just like it. It’s gorgeous.

Sydney Wragge, ca. 1946
B.H. Wragge was one of America's
most popular lines during the  1940s.
Dorian Leigh, one of the era's star models,
wears a pale pink  cloche by Madame
Reine and Wragge's plunge-necked rayon
crepe dress.

This is such a dreamy image. This girl is magnificent. She’s so … posh looking. That dress looks so regal and comfortable. Plus, it reminds me of the scene in Sex in the City when Carrie and Petrovsky’s ex wife go to lunch. (By the way – *amazing* … I so want to go to Paris!) I don’t think it was taken there, but it looks like that’s where she is. Either way, it just makes me want to be sitting there at lunch with her.

Irving Penn, 1950
Models Dorian Leigh and Evelyn Tripp,
together but alone, in Pen's memorable
photograph featuring Claire McCardell's
wool jersey dress and a jumper with leotard.

I have heard so much about this image, but I had never actually seen it. It’s amazing. the girls look fantastic and the image is so well proportioned. The girls are about as thin as the center of the table, but that just adds so much to this picture. There’s such a character to each of them. Perfectly styled. Amazing.

Oscar de la Renta, 1966
The Dominican-born de la
Renta was a protege of the influential
Baron Nicolas de Gunzberg, who served as
editor of both Vogue and Harper's Bazaar
and as editor-in-chief of Town and Country.
First a designer for Elizabeth Arden,
replacing Sarmi, de la Renta was  on his
own by the time Marisa Berenson donned
his hippie chic caftan for Henry Clarke.

This one is fantastic! I love the way she’s mimicing the shape of the tree with the way she’s standing. The pinks pop out so vibrantly and the color on her eyes matches the color of the trees. Amazing. Also, Oscar de la Renta’s resume = dreamworthy!

Mary McFadden, 1977
McFadden was a
special projects editor at Vogue during the
1960s before launching her own line in
1973. Her fashions were influenced by
Asia and Africa, as well as the pleated silk
clothing of the Venetian couturier Fortuny.
Here, Vogue showed eight examples from
McFadden's collection led by the
designer herself.

What did I think when I saw this image? “What is this line of fabulousness???” Remember, this was the 70’s. This was fabulousness at it’s best!

Roy Halston, 1972
More than any other designer of
the 1970s, Halston lived the lifestyle his
fashions evoked - the smoky and sexy
lounge lizard out for a night on the town

Amazing. … Men just don’t look like that anymore. Usually, if they try to recreate this image, they just can’t pull it off. He just radiates coolness. This is where girls start dreaming of bad boys. I want to be at whatever lounge he’s going to (or just came from).

Stephen Burrows, 1978
Jerry Hall was one of America's top
supermodels during the 1970s and became
an international celebrity in her own right
through her tabloid romantic exploits with
Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry and the Rolling
Stone's Mick Jagger. At a fashion show,
she twirls in Burrows's turquoise satin
tunic-and-pant ensemble - replete with
feather boa for a quintessential disco look.

Jerry Hall really was beautiful in the ’70s.

Ralph Lauren, 1979
Inspired by everything
From film to the American West,
Lauren, seen here, gave traditional
country clothing an elegant and more
formal appearance in both his day and
evening collections.

Talk about Americana! Everything is so soft and rugged. The eyes are all so piercing and beautiful. Love it!

Behnaz Sarafpour, 2004

I love this skirt. The pleating down the front is gorgeous.

I really, REALLY recommend this book to anyone who loves fashion! Amazon has it right now for $32 (which is a STEAL. Us crazy people paid $50 for it)! Definitely worth checking out. Every page is just as amazing as the last.

Asparagus and Shiitake Mushroom Design


A couple weeks ago, One of my readers mentioned they would like to see a design inspired by Shiitake Mushrooms and Asparagus. I spent the last couple of weeks thinking about how I should do this design. While searching for images, I noticed the beautiful underside of the mushroom and thought it would make an amazing skirt.


The most difficult part was the asparagus. At first, I thought about a one-shoulder dress with the top of the asparagus as the top of the dress with an empire waistline. Then I didn’t know what to do about the area between the skirt and the waistline. I knew if I made the skirt with the material I was thinking about, it wouldn’t look good up that high. So, I needed to rethink the bodice. When I sat down to draw the design, it didn’t look good as a one-shoulder dress so I added the other strap. The neckline has a jewel neckline (high neck) because that is what asparagus does – it gets smaller at the top.


I also faded the green into the brown so it wasn’t such a harsh color combination.

Here’s the final design:

The top part is made of green tear-shaped diamonds like the ones on the right in this picture. The fabric on the bodice is a dark brown color so the brown peeks out from anywhere where there is not a diamond. The skirt is made from a light material that is rolled in the same way Fortuny used to twist his dresses to give a texture like the mushroom has underneath.

Let me know if you have any other requests or questions about my designs.

Cleaning out my closet

It hurts to let things go. Especially things that mean so much to you.

Sometimes though, it’s for your own good. Either you need the money or you just don’t give it the attention it deserves.

Today, I decided it was time to clean out my closet.



I decided to pack up a few things that I don’t wear anymore to a resale shop to sell to a good home. They looked so sad all packed away in their bags.

My favorite item I sold was my Betsey Johnson dress. I love it, but it’s just not my style anymore. Plus, I don’t love the way it looks on me. All the stores really wanted it but only wanted to give me $15 for it. It’s a $400 dress, so I had to do a little bargaining to get what I wanted for it. Luckily, the sweet girl at Taxi was able to work with me. R.I.P. My favorite Betsey Johnson dress. I had fun with you.

When taking the photo of the bags above, I pulled the windows back with my layered necklace I got from Target recently.

How pretty does that look??? Here’s a close-up

I love the way that looks! πŸ™‚

Also, while shopping, I found these amazing shoes (and of course, we all know how much I love my zippers!):

I couldn’t buy them, though. That would have been most of the money I made right there!

Even though I did sell some things (5 to be exact. 1 bag, 1 pair of jeans and 3 dresses), I still have a lot more stuff I don’t want! If I posted it on here, would anyone be interested in buying? I’m also thinking of redesigning some of the things in my closet. If I do that, I might be able to sell some custom made pieces by me. Would anyone be interested??? Let me know! πŸ™‚

Pompon Dahlia Dress

I was looking for pictures earlier and came across this beautiful image. I would love to show it here because it’s so unique looking and beautiful … but you HAVE to click on it. It’s amazing.

Anyway, that gave me inspiration for this:

… After drawing the skirt, I needed inspiration for the bodice. … So, I researched a little more and found this amazing photo of the Pompon Dahlia just before it opens. It was so beautiful and it totally inspired me. πŸ™‚

*Sigh* I love moments of inspiration πŸ™‚

Designer Profile: Andre Nicole

One of the designers I mentioned yesterday was Andre Nicole. She is based out of the U.K. and has just listed several new products on her profile. πŸ™‚


I love this dress because it’s so easy to put on. It’s beautiful with simple accessories. It doesn’t need any more color. The dress stands out on it’s own.

Mag DressFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Mag Dress by MissaVogue on

Silver Flower Pin, $595
mag by andre.nicole on Sense of Fashion, $65
Mixx Amparo 02 Black Mesh Sparkle Heel Pump – $41.00 : Fashion Peep…, $41
Hematite Bag – Touch of INNA : Shopflick Clutches, $595
Ugo Cacciatori Dot Round Bangle – Women – All, $400

New H

I am not sure what kind of material this dress is made out of, but as soon as I saw it I thought it would be a perfect beach coverup. It’s adorable for any time, though!

BeachwearFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Beachwear by MissaVogue featuring Roxy bags

Women’s Boohoo Africa Reversible Gold Trimmed Bikini Online, 12 GBP
NANCY Rose Crystal Sandals, $187
Aqua ‘Blissful’ geo print straw bag, 40 GBP
new h by andre.nicole on Sense of Fashion, $65
Long Multi Strand Beaded Necklace – Multi : Target, $28


This dress is beautiful. It would be great to wear to a cocktail party. It’s so elegant (hence the name). πŸ™‚

ElegantFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Elegant by MissaVogue featuring Rampage bags

Very Jaws 140 slingbacks, $840
Rampage Jenny Flap Clutch, $49
Women’s shoes and accessories: All jewelry | Piperlime, $75
elegent by andre.nicole on Sense of Fashion, $65
Zooey Bow Earrings in Red by Claire Fong – $28.00 : Fashion Earrings…, $28


This is a great dress. I actually used it as a top when I styled it. Worn over black jeans, it would look amazing.

Zebra DressFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Zebra Dress by MissaVogue featuring Wesc jeans

EVE Schwarze RΓΆhrenjeans, 85 EUR
beaded coral reef necklace, $18
Super Fresco 1 Double Roll (covers 56 square ft) White Brushstroke…, $22
zerba dress by andre.nicole on Sense of Fashion, $45
Melie Bianco S10-79 Tote – Free Overnight Shipping on New Styles, Free…
Black Cut Out Platform Shoes- view all – shoes – shoes – evans

You have to check out the rest of her designs! She has some really cute things.

I found an amazing site today …

I totally rediscovered Sense of Fashion today (I found it a long time ago but just got around to looking at it again today). It’s a lot like Etsy, but exclusively for clothing and jewelry designers.

They take 15% from every sale, but (as of right now) they don’t charge any fees to list an item – which is ahh-mazing!

Here’s a sample of some of the designs on the site:

sexy cocktail by andre.nicole
Isn't this adorable???

One Ruffle Sleeve Palm Khanga Dress by chichialondon
I love the a-symmetrical design!

Supernova by mylenespencer
Look at the way the skirt hangs!

You need to go look and see! Or maybe even sell your own stuff. Either way, it’s worth the visit. πŸ™‚