It Overtakes Me {31 July 2011}

*Edit: The links should work now.*

Of course, you didn’t think I’d come back to my blog without this column, did you? I didn’t think so.

The beautiful photo above was taken by Eliza Claire. She does amazing work.

An Angry Birds birthday party? Oh, yeah!

Since I am going to school for retail management, I have a business plan in the works that will be complete for my capstone project. This post on A Beautiful Mess makes me even more excited to keep working on it! Great job, Elsie!

I’m a little obsessed with books. Not necessarily reading them, but I love the look of piles of books all over the place. Combining that with fashion is just amazing to me. Therefore, these photos from Janetteria are breathtaking.

I know it’s half a year away, but I’m excited to decorate for Christmas this year. Fancy House Road has some posts about Christmas color trends – like silver and green – and even DIY ideas – like these ornaments – for this coming year. Are you ready?

WWD posted an article about some of the best finds at their Paris Trade Show. My favorites? The headpieces and jewelry at Coralie de Seynes and the fine jewelry at Sigomonta.

Fashionista posted a list of some of Tim Gunn’s best sayings. There are some great ones in here!

Also on Fashionista this week, they announced the (reported) cast list for the Sex and the City prequel. I don’t know – I would love to see Blake as Carrie instead of Samantha. What do you think?

I’m not much of drinker. I can drink socially, but I don’t love the taste of alcohol. I do, however, LOVE jello shots. So good! Here are some pretty ones.

As a lover of old movies – and a sucker for celebrity gossip – I found this article on the affairs of Clark Gable extremely interesting.

Do you remember the Nickelodean shows from the 90’s? They’re back on TeenNick. Clarissa Explains it All is already on my DVR! What do you want to see come back?

I’m not the most organized person in the world. The last couple of years, I’ve actually gotten a lot better. My boyfriend, believe it or not, is the one who helped me a lot with that. Don’t tell him I said that, though. I don’t want him to get a big head. 😉 Anyway, if you need help in that department, here are some organizing tips from Stacks And Stacks.

I can't tell you how much I love this video. It is definitely the phase of creativity I am in right now.
This is another creativity video. Love this one, as well.

It Overtakes Me {13 March 2011}

(Psst … it’s back 😉 )

(Source from this site)

Some things (just a few…) that caught my attention this week…

The first tweet ever – 5 years ago today

Tokyo pictures on Sea of Shoes

Some terrible things happened in Japan this week. … See how you can help – especially if you live in LA.

A friend of mine just started a baking blog called Build a Cake. You should go check it out. She just started it this week, so she is still learning, but she needs readers. So, go!

While we’re on the subject of friends’ blogs, my sister the photographer made one recently called Emma-Lee Photography. Also, Cut a Fine Feather (A little edgier fashion – you know I love that) and fashionably late… (She updates like 5 times a day!) are both awesome blogs run by bloggers who go to my school.

Listen to this song … while you’re alone in your car … on your way to work (or school … or whatever normal routine you have) and tell me you don’t feel like you rule the road. 🙂

Zombieland? Really?

I never thought I would say it, but … I’m in love with a zombie movie.

Okay maybe not in love, but I really, really like it.

I’m not a huge fan of zombie movies usually. I mean, I’ll watch them if they’re on, but won’t put anymore thought into them.

Zombieland is a little different. It’s funny, there aren’t THAT many zombies in it, It’s got that independent vibe to it, I love all of the actors in it, and the cinematography is great.

I watched it for the first time a couple months ago, but when Joey put it on last night, I couldn’t look away.

*P.S. I wouldn’t recommend covering your ears like this during this movie. … The music is fantastic.

It Overtakes Me {24 Oct 2010}

My pumpkin carving ... how does it look? It's the first one I've done all by myself. :)

It makes me so upset when I see websites like this. 😦

One of my friends from high school, Deana, just had a fashion show! She just posted it on her website (Click “EVENING WEAR”). It’s really really good. She’s from Egypt, and we lived in Saudi Arabia together. Knowing that about her, the whole collection really speaks to who she is. I really love it. (P.S. Her sister is her model. Gotta love how close her family is. 🙂 )

Cleaner Science is a soap designer from Houston. … Interesting. Really interesting. … Christmas presents? …

For my business plan for Business Ownership, I’m starting a gift shop in Kemah that supports local artists and only sells the best quality products from local designers and artists. In my opinion, we should probably start doing something about supporting the local community by buying things made locally – so starting this Christmas, I’m going to try to do all of my Christmas shopping from local designers and artists. I found most of the people in my pretend shop on Etsy. I just typed my city and state and clicked “Search Location” and got a ton of results. There are some super creative people around Houston. I’m also using some super creative friends and people from school in my project. Anyone have any gifts they’ve made? I wanna see. 🙂 I might even buy one. … If I have someone to give it to.

I ❤ Threadbanger. I think I said this last time, but it’s still true. I mean … YouTube can never go away. You can teach yourself to do anything on there. Loving watching old Decor it Yourself videos, though. Haha 🙂

I GOT A JOB! (And why the Fashion Retail Management degree is perfect for me …)

Guess what, everyone! …



It’s not a superfantabulous job or anything. It’s as a cashier at Hobby Lobby. But I really think this is the right job for me.

I’ve realized since I’ve been going to school that I am so much more interested in the creative part of fashion. Of course, I love fashion. Love. I love how much it changes. I love being updated on what’s going on in the industry as soon as it happens. In the future, though, I see myself on the creative side.

This degree I’m going for is perfect for me. It’s incorporating my love of fashion into retail management, which is a business degree. So, it gives me an excuse to look at fashion while throwing all this business ownership knowledge at me. Which is great because I want to be one of those designers who can pick up a business plan or an advertising plan or a financial statement and know exactly what’s going on within my company. However, if I’m not interested in the degree I’m going for, I lose it fast. I’m on to the next thing.

So back to my main topic … my new job! It’s at Hobby Lobby and I think it’s going to be great for me. I’m going to be around creativity all day – and of course, it’s a retail position, so I can incorporate my new business knowledge into my work.

Another great thing about this job?

No dress code!

I get to wear whatever I want!

Oh, how I love being a fashion student :)

I know I’ve been studying too much when I look at a chick on TV and think…

“Ohh, look at her with her Kimono sleeves and Beteau neckline. Isn’t she fashionable?”


It Overtakes Me {12 Sep 19}

I’m absolutely aware I’ve been absent lately. That’s what finals do to you.

But here’s my {Super duper short} list of websites this week.


My favorite shirt collar? The Peter Pan collar. Just found out that it had a name. 🙂 Super cute.

My favorite fashion shows from this week? (from what I’ve seen so far…) 🙂 …

* Reem Acra *

This video is not her runway video. It's her Spring 2011 Bridal collection.
She talks about how she thinks about design, though. It's interesting.

*Monique Lhuillier *

* Marchesa *

Beautiful. ... Always a favorite.

* Barbara Tfank *

Told you. Super short.