The 21 Day Challenge Day 5 – Belt it

Okay here we are at day 5 – the belting challenge. Since I’m a HUGE fan of belting EVERYTHING, this wasn’t much of a challenge for me. However, I felt I needed to challenge myself at least a little bit. Usually, I belt things pretty high – I mean right under my chest like I did in my last post. So, I decided moving the belt would be a great idea. That’s how I ended up with this outfit – I moved it down a little bit. I felt like a Pinup Girl.

For the accessories, I layered a couple of necklaces – the one I wore the other day and this pink heart that I love. It’s so sparkly and pretty. I put my pretty flower ring with it again – no other reason than I like it.

My shoes were the black ones I’ve worn twice this week, so I didn’t take anymore pictures of them.


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