The 21 Day Challenge Day 3 – Mix Your Patterns

Today’s challenge was to mix patterns. I’m not much of a pattern mixer, but I have seen it done very well. I have also seen it go oh so wrong. When I took on this challenge, I was expecting it to be terrible. However, I actually think this came out pretty well. I layered one of my favorite tops over a dress that on its own does not flatter me as much as I thought. I put a belt with it to define my waist and layered on some silver accessories to match the silver in the belt.

By the way, excuse the wet hair. I wasn’t completely picture ready yet – but I couldn’t wait.

The shoes are actually the same ones I wore yesterday, so I decided to add a couple more detail shots instead. There is a pattern on my belt, as well. Does that mean I just mixed 3 patterns? I think it does.


3 Comments on “The 21 Day Challenge Day 3 – Mix Your Patterns”

  1. Ali says:

    I agree that some of the pattern mixing is a little awkward, but I think you pulled it off PERFECTLY. I LOVE the contrast sticking out of the bottom. And that belt give you such a great shape!

  2. […] shoes were the black ones I’ve worn twice this week, so I didn’t take anymore pictures of […]

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