The 21 Day Challenge Day 2 – Tuck it in!

For the second day of the challenge, Kayla wanted us to “tuck it in!” Well, I’m not a big fan of tucking it in. But this is a challenge, so I decided I would try it out. First I tried the whole tuck-in-just-the-front thing, but it looked terrible on me – so I scratched it and went back to my closet. All my boyfriend has been talking about is the new Blue October CD and how it came out on Tuesday, so I decided to represent. I wore my Blue October shirt I got from a concert with a long black vest and jeans.

Since I’m in my rock ensemble, I decided to make the accessories a little edgy by keeping them dark. I got the necklace at Walmart last year. I swore I would never buy clothing or accessories from there, but it’s actually really cute and I always get compliments on it.

Since the rest of the outfit is pretty casual for my normal style, I decided to straighten my hair and wear some cute shoes. This is another pair of heels that I wear a lot. I have had these for several years, but lately, they have become a staple in my daily outfits. They’re an easy throw-on-with-anything shoe … And I love them.


4 Comments on “The 21 Day Challenge Day 2 – Tuck it in!”

  1. […] shoes are actually the same ones I wore yesterday, so I decided to add a couple more detail shots instead. There is a pattern on my belt, as well. […]

  2. […] shoes were the black ones I’ve worn twice this week, so I didn’t take anymore pictures of […]

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