It Overtakes Me {10 Oct 2010}

My curious cat, Tiffany{My cat, Tiffany.}


I know I missed a week. But there’s a reason.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog. I’m working on a different approach that is a little more me. It might take some time to develop, but when it does come, it should be worth the wait. I’ll still write these update posts because they’re fun. But you might not hear much else for a while. Don’t worry. I’m still here. I’m on Facebook if you want to talk. 🙂

Anyway, here’s a few things I found this week.

You know I love my videos. It’s just so much easier to learn things when you see someone else do them. {P.S. I took this quiz in class the other day. You should take it. Thank you, Ms. Cordovi for the most informative information about ourselves. I learn so much from her. I’m overwhelmingly a Tactile/Kinesthetic learner. I’d say it’s true.} Threadbanger is the best resource I used for when I got stuck on my project. I just got finished making my new bag for school. I’ve been trying to do a lot more sewing lately. This website has tons of tutorials and sewing projects to do. I didn’t get the bag design from that site, but it helped when I got stuck on something. I love it. 🙂 …

I was having trouble with my thread tension before I realized I was threading my sewing machine wrong. Watch this video (below) if you want to see how it’s done right. She has a few more videos up that help with the basics.

I would love to do this project. But I need someone to help me. Erin? 🙂

This coming week is Houston Fashion Week. I have school and work on Tuesday and Thursday, so I can’t go those days, but I’m going on Thursday. I was going to go Monday, too, but I wasn’t fast enough with my ticket order. Oh well. At least I’m going one day.

I want to make something out of this fabric or this fabric. So cute. Maybe more PJs. 🙂 … This fabric is pretty, too. This is my first super crafty Christmas in a long time. I am getting a head start. Don’t know exactly what I’m going to make yet at all … I think I might take this fabric and pull it across a frame and glue rhinestones to the tips of the flowers and frame it. Then I can put it as a big display piece in my living room. Maybe.


3 Comments on “It Overtakes Me {10 Oct 2010}”

  1. cat is more lovely than the sewing machine

  2. bendedspoon says:

    Looking forward to your holiday crafts!

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