I GOT A JOB! (And why the Fashion Retail Management degree is perfect for me …)

Guess what, everyone! …



It’s not a superfantabulous job or anything. It’s as a cashier at Hobby Lobby. But I really think this is the right job for me.

I’ve realized since I’ve been going to school that I am so much more interested in the creative part of fashion. Of course, I love fashion. Love. I love how much it changes. I love being updated on what’s going on in the industry as soon as it happens. In the future, though, I see myself on the creative side.

This degree I’m going for is perfect for me. It’s incorporating my love of fashion into retail management, which is a business degree. So, it gives me an excuse to look at fashion while throwing all this business ownership knowledge at me. Which is great because I want to be one of those designers who can pick up a business plan or an advertising plan or a financial statement and know exactly what’s going on within my company. However, if I’m not interested in the degree I’m going for, I lose it fast. I’m on to the next thing.

So back to my main topic … my new job! It’s at Hobby Lobby and I think it’s going to be great for me. I’m going to be around creativity all day – and of course, it’s a retail position, so I can incorporate my new business knowledge into my work.

Another great thing about this job?

No dress code!

I get to wear whatever I want!


One Comment on “I GOT A JOB! (And why the Fashion Retail Management degree is perfect for me …)”

  1. bendedspoon says:

    i’m happy for you fashionista! 🙂

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