I love what music does to you


I love music. It can take you far away to another world.

For example…

Dean Martin … *UGH* My love! That’s how to serenade. My heart just melts when I listen to him.

Watch this video. Don’t worry – it’s just a picture. It’s not going to change. Just leave it on in the background and go do stuff around the house. Don’t sit here and listen to it because that’s not the effect you’re going for when you listen to this kind of music. I’m talking before computers. Turn it on, turn away from the computer and go do the laundry or the dishes. Clean something. Come back when the song is done.

Doesn’t it just make you want to dance? I mean, I hear this song and I want to kind of swing my hips and dance to the beat while I do my chores.

Wasn’t that a nice little break? Here’s another.




Shake your hips again


Not your style?

Sammy Davis Jr.

Frank Sinatra

Rosemary Clooney

Can’t get enough? Go to YouTube and just start typing! 🙂


One Comment on “I love what music does to you”

  1. bendedspoon says:

    so true
    it can even bring you
    to a journey within.
    unbelievable how i only
    appreciate music
    in the present stage of my life.
    but then, it’s the one
    that brings the music in.
    grateful again

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