If I could style Gala…

I entered Gala’s birthday outfit contest the other day. I don’t know why I didn’t write this post earlier, but here it is 🙂

Gala Darling Birthday Entry

Gala Darling Birthday Entry by MissaVogue featuring glass bangles

Water Nymph Dress, $68
Forever21.com – New Arrivals – 1082559365, $7.80
report signature – remsen heels (black) – shoes – 80’s Purple, $198
Black Tone Heart Hinged Bangle, 9.85 GBP
Click Click Snap – Camera Girl Necklace, 14 GBP
Chunky Baby Pink Glass Pearl & Shell Flex Bracelet, 9 GBP
Amazon.com: Pink Swarovski Crystal Crown Brooch / Pin: Health &…, $23
Holo Violet Pink Color of Luxe Glitter Powder for Eyeliner and Eye…
Forever21.com – New Arrivals – Accessories, $1.99
Val’s Spike Cuff Bracelet – Gold

I started with the pink glitter. In her post, she said she would have glitter on her eyes and I chose pink because she’s all about pink 🙂

Next I went to Modcloth and picked this dress. I really loved the skirt on it and I’ve never seen her do a super asymmetrical look like that.

Since that arm was completely covered, I decided to do some big bracelets on the other arm to balance it out. They’re kind of random, but I did want pretty big cuffs in pink, black and gold. These were the ones I ended up with, but she can totally change it up. Plus, I threw in a radical self love heart.

One if my favorite Gala finds is this huge heart pendant on a simple chain. I wanted this same effect, so I went looking for pendant necklaces. This was the result. The picture looked like something you’d find on her blog and it went with my green, pink and gold color scheme.

The big bow headband was a different spin on her famous love of ears. A pink one might look good with this, too. I figured it was her birthday and so she needed a bow on top of her big hair that she mentioned she’s going to have..

The flower ring was just to add a little more interest. I kind of love it because it’s so out there. It gives interest to the outfit so it’s not all boring and only 3 colors. Also, it brings her tattoo colors into the outfit. 🙂

The shoes are so cute. I love the corseted detail in the back. So pretty. That detailing up the back of the shoe is pretty hot right now. It kind of reminds me of the line down the back of your leg in pantyhose. It just adds a sleek sexiness. Also, they’re black so she can wear them with anything!

The crown on the front of the dress was just a finishing touch item. It’s a broach and I’m pretty sure it’s smaller than how it looks on my set, but I wanted to show what it was. It adds interest to the belt that was already on the dress.

So, that’s my entry. Let me know what you think of it. I’d love to hear your opinions.


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