It Overtakes Me {29 Aug 10}

Kemah, Texas
Photo by me 🙂 (and yes, that's my boyfriend)

Just a little warning: this post is going to be a little short this week. My computer decided to not turn on for a whole day this week, so I’ve been trying to make up for that day and haven’t been able to spend time surfing around the web. (Note: Don’t want this to happen again? Click “donate” in the sidebar and help me buy a new computer! Or at least fix this one. Which might end up costing the same amount.) Here are a few things I did find, though.

I accidentally clicked on an e-mail from Thrillest Nation on Tuesday morning and I’m glad I did. They always send the most awesome e-mails, I just never have time to read the whole article, so I usually pass them by. In this particular e-mail, they had an article on Vandilized Vintage. The pictures caught my attention, so I went to the store. It’s like thrift store finds that have been redone in a super quirky way. Look at their Lover Hater tea set and their Mad House plate. I kinda love this store.

Solange Azagury-Partridge ~ Oh my goodness – you have to go to this site. Click the image, click “jewellery” and go through each collection. I really can’t believe how amazing each piece is. I’m kind of devastated that she doesn’t have a store in Houston 😦 Some of my favorites? The Supernova ring, the Offering ring, the whole Black Rainbows collection, the Far Out necklace, the Daisy ring, the Eye ring, the Hotlips ring, the Secret Diamond ring (it’s like 3 rings in one!) and the Random necklace. I know I have tons of favorites, but that’s just how AMAZING this site is.

I really want these shoes … I saw them in the ad in Vogue and I kind of HAVE to have them! You can pre-order now and they ship right before my birthday. *HINT HINT*

Why are the East of Cities Usually Poorer? is a super interesting article! It really sounds like a good reason.

Cleanse The Energy In Your Wallet … Love it! Absolutely need to do this with my wallet asap!

That’s it for this week! I’ll try to make next week doubly as entertaining as usual to make up for the lack of links this time. Until then, go check out the rest of my blog. 🙂


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