The clearance linen show girl


So, I’m watching this chick on … a shopping channel (don’t want to give away which one) at 3 in the morning. I usually turn this girl off when she comes on this channel. She’s really annoying. She just never gets her story out. She’s sitting there doing all this thinking and using filler words like “uhh” and “umm.” She’s really not saying much of anything. Completely scatterbrained.

I don’t even know why I left her on today. I just wanted to have noise in the background while I did things around the apartment. As I was listening to her, I put myself in her shoes.


How would I act in her position?

She is selling clearance linen, which is probably the hardest thing to sell. She is probably tired because normal people sleep at this time. I actually started to feel for her.

Suddenly, it came to me. This girl IS me!


I use a lot of filler words when I lose my train of thought. My friends tell me I’m neurotic, so I guess I really am pretty scatterbrained. I have a lot going on up there, but I’m not very good at getting it out. I’m a terrible liar, so I can not sell something I don’t believe in. Oh my goodness. I should pay more attention to this girl. Maybe it could help me see how the world sees me. Then, I could use that to my advantage and start to change those things in myself so I present myself better.

This could be good for me.

*Note to self: Watch chick on clearance linen show at 3 in the morning. … And P.S. stop being so hard on people.*

Have you ever had a revelation like that? Something that could actually help you discover more about the way the world sees you?


5 Comments on “The clearance linen show girl”

  1. Kelly M says:

    Um, yes I have on several occassions. When I ask a stupid question to a sales clerk or some random person and they give me attitude I’m always surprised. But I give people attitude when they ask me stupid questions. It’s a natural reaction for me lol. I try to be nicer and smile even if I think it comes off fake. Because I know it doesn’t take much for me to seem like I have a ‘tude. 🙂
    P.S. LOVE the new banner…. but what happened to *Pink Spilled Paint?

    • missavogue says:

      Hahaha you crack me up! But I totally understand. I’m the same way.

      Thanks! 🙂 Well, the words are pink and I have a tiny bit of pink in the background color. It’s pretty grayed out because I didn’t want it to be blindingly obvious. Just enough to look stained with pink. … Like how whatever you spill paint on will look after you clean it up. I figured that was enough pink for you to get the point without saying it in the title. 🙂

  2. Kelly M says:

    Oh ok, I got ya. Yeah, I just didn’t know if you were dropping it from the name or what. I really like it a lot. Branding can make a huge difference in your exposure… I know you know this, but I always pay attention to blog layouts. Especially the title/main banner. Keep workin! It looks great!

  3. bendedspoon says:

    while bending spoons with my kiddos (for the fun of it) i realized that i am a bendedspoon thus, the blog is born — bite size servings from an imperfect being 🙂

    • missavogue says:

      That’s what I love about blogging. The best bloggers are the most imperfect. That’s what makes us relatable. 🙂

      I love that example! 🙂 That’s adorable.

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