It Overtakes Me {15 Aug 10}

New here? (Welcome!)


I’ve been on Gala Darling a lot this week, so a lot of these are from her past posts. They’re worth sharing again, though. 🙂

Who You Gonna Call? ~ Brilliant. You have to watch it. I am in total support of this! Here’s what Gala said when she posted the video (not sure where she got this from): “The New York Public Library invited Improv Everywhere to perform at the library as a means of cheering people up in the face of budget cuts. IE agreed and decided to perform as the Ghostbusters.”

The Power of Color over at The Cool Hunter is amazing. There should definitely be more color in this world. (Actually, the whole site is amazing and you should go explore it now. 🙂 )

While we’re on the subject of color, Color Survey Results are pretty freaking funny. Honestly, I just looked at the charts because I didn’t have time to read the whole thing, but I still loved it.

Lights On, Lights Off… Chanel Lightbulb Shoes at the Beckerman Bite Plate ~ You’re kidding me with these shoes, right!?!? Crazy.

7 Incredible Natural Phenomena ~ Super interesting. Goats in trees? Black Sun? Craziness.

The Real Life Lichtenstein-Cosmic-Girl ~ At first I thought it was tattooed. But no, it’s just makeup. (This site is amazing, too. Look around!)

The “Flowers from the 90’s” dress at The Novel Hut. ~ I love how she says in the first line “Saved by the Bell is calling and you better answer!” As soon as you see this dress, you’ll know why! I swear I saw it on an episode of Saved by the Bell. Plus, you have to read the rest of the description. I hardly ever do, but this one was pretty descriptive. It’s worth reading all the way through.

50’s Style t-shirt dress by Double Zero at The Novel Hut ~ I just think this is adorable. A black 50’s style t-shirt dress … it’s something you can just throw on and go! So adorable. Too bad I’m not a Small.

peace love sarcasm ~ You gotta go to this blog! Or at least add her on Twitter. She’s freakin’ hilarious.

Gala Darling’s Shelf ~ Love it! It’s super Gala 🙂

F*ck Yeah Paris ~ Love. Love love love. I’m thinking studying abroad in Paris is a wonderful idea. But I can’t afford it right now. Maybe I’ll start a fundraiser! I’ll call it “Help Melissa Go To Paris” … Sounds like a fabulous idea.


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