Designer Profile: Andre Nicole

One of the designers I mentioned yesterday was Andre Nicole. She is based out of the U.K. and has just listed several new products on her profile. 🙂


I love this dress because it’s so easy to put on. It’s beautiful with simple accessories. It doesn’t need any more color. The dress stands out on it’s own.

Mag DressFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Mag Dress by MissaVogue on

Silver Flower Pin, $595
mag by andre.nicole on Sense of Fashion, $65
Mixx Amparo 02 Black Mesh Sparkle Heel Pump – $41.00 : Fashion Peep…, $41
Hematite Bag – Touch of INNA : Shopflick Clutches, $595
Ugo Cacciatori Dot Round Bangle – Women – All, $400

New H

I am not sure what kind of material this dress is made out of, but as soon as I saw it I thought it would be a perfect beach coverup. It’s adorable for any time, though!

BeachwearFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Beachwear by MissaVogue featuring Roxy bags

Women’s Boohoo Africa Reversible Gold Trimmed Bikini Online, 12 GBP
NANCY Rose Crystal Sandals, $187
Aqua ‘Blissful’ geo print straw bag, 40 GBP
new h by andre.nicole on Sense of Fashion, $65
Long Multi Strand Beaded Necklace – Multi : Target, $28


This dress is beautiful. It would be great to wear to a cocktail party. It’s so elegant (hence the name). 🙂

ElegantFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Elegant by MissaVogue featuring Rampage bags

Very Jaws 140 slingbacks, $840
Rampage Jenny Flap Clutch, $49
Women’s shoes and accessories: All jewelry | Piperlime, $75
elegent by andre.nicole on Sense of Fashion, $65
Zooey Bow Earrings in Red by Claire Fong – $28.00 : Fashion Earrings…, $28


This is a great dress. I actually used it as a top when I styled it. Worn over black jeans, it would look amazing.

Zebra DressFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Zebra Dress by MissaVogue featuring Wesc jeans

EVE Schwarze Röhrenjeans, 85 EUR
beaded coral reef necklace, $18
Super Fresco 1 Double Roll (covers 56 square ft) White Brushstroke…, $22
zerba dress by andre.nicole on Sense of Fashion, $45
Melie Bianco S10-79 Tote – Free Overnight Shipping on New Styles, Free…
Black Cut Out Platform Shoes- view all – shoes – shoes – evans

You have to check out the rest of her designs! She has some really cute things.


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