Beautiful Things


I have found some beautiful things around the web this week. … Here are some.


Corcovado Silver Bracelet by Lolindo at The Orchid Boutique ~ The way the strips of silver look like they’re intertwined is stunning.

Distressed Leather Honeycomb Italian Leather Cuff by Brave Leather at Rock Rebel Clothing ~ I know this wasn’t the intention, but it reminds me of ruffles on a gown. I just think it’s so beautiful.

Black Dome Style Hat by Mr. John, sold by Treasures in an Attic on Etsy ~It’s FABULOUS. I love the petals.

Disney Couture Hearts Necklace on Fred Flare ~ You know, I never thought I’d say I really love something that was made by Disney … but this is AMAZING. I really love it. The way the hearts almost MOVE down the necklace … It’s really beautiful. They really have started making some great pieces.


Orla Kiely ~I couldn’t use anything from this store in any of my other posts, but you should definitely take a look around. There are some adorable things at that store. If you like buttons and modern 70’s color schemes, you’ll love this!

Old Soul New Heart ~ I forgot how amazing this place was. I love her headbands and bridal accessories! The photos on the site are really amazing.

Smocks ~ Designer aprons. Oh yes. Love them all.

Summerland Style ~ Beautiful home decor. Her throw pillows are amazing.


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