Sewing Tips – Ironing


You know, it’s crazy that I am just learning to sew. You can do so much with it! I’ve realized just how useful it can be. You can go and get the cheapest things from a thrift store or anywhere that sells cheap clothes and turn them into something you love! I have noticed one important thing about sewing. You need an iron! If you want anything to be sewn correctly, you have to be able to use an iron to press it so you can’t see the seams. Here is a little ironing tip I just picked up from Martha’s Sewing Room (one of my sewing shows I record)

Get a ham. The kind that looks like this:


The ham is how you iron curves. For example… the chest of a woman’s shirt usually has some curve to it. If you iron them on the ham, the curve will be ironed in instead of the shirt being flat. A couple tips I picked up about the ham: They always have 2 sides. The plaid side is wool and the white side is a cotton. You’re supposed to press wool and silk on the wool side and all the other fabrics on the other side. The reason has something to do with the way the steam releases differently on each side. 🙂

Also, if you’re an A or B cup, iron the darting on the chest down. If you’re a C cup or above, iron it up. By doing this, it adds the bulkiest part of the fabric exactly where you need it.


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