Project Runway inspires me …

So, I was watching Project Runway yesterday (since it came on the night before … Ahh! I’m late! I know!) … and this chick came on and started talking about crooked zippers. “Yes you can! You can have a crooked zipper! Embrace the crooked zipper!” … So I started thinking about crooked zippers. … And then, oh yes, I took it that far. (Yup – those are all zippers.)


10 Comments on “Project Runway inspires me …”

  1. you are lucky to know how to sew, crooked zippers are a crazy and awesome idea! Did you know they made project runway sewing patterns?

    • missavogue says:

      Awww thanks!!! 🙂 I have seen crooked zippers before, but they’re not always done well. There is always too many of them. I wanted to simplify mine. I wanted the dress to still have the edge, but in a classic kind of way. 🙂

      I never knew they had patterns. I’ll totally check them out! Sewing isn’t really that difficult. It’s all about the tricks you know, though. The craft shows from my post before this one are how I learned how to sew. They’re SO helpful if you want to learn.

      • thanks, i will definitely read through your blog. I’ve been meaning to take a sewing class for awhile now, i need to just do it, i’m sure it’s loads of fun!! I saw the patterns at JoAnn’s fabrics.. they sell out fast, but are excellent designs!

      • oh and the outcomes of the patterns would look so much better if they’d use solid prints or different prints..somehow they’ve managed to make them look kind of…idk…old!

        • missavogue says:

          Oh I know!!! But that’s just the way patterns are. The older generations are most of the ones who are sewing now, so the patterns have to be marketed toward them. But that’s the fun of patterns … playing with them to make them look better 🙂

  2. fashion is so big right now, with so many television shows and websites, i’m surprised sewing isn’t more popular. True it takes time, but you can make any color and get a perfect fit and patterns have different “versions” you can make. Is this generation that lazy or does fashion move too fast for us to take the time to make an outfit? I guess we have to be timeless and make classics…or sew really really fast!

    • missavogue says:

      I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it takes time to sew something. There is a lot that goes into it … and people get too busy doing other things (such as work or school) to actually take the time to learn. It’s really sad, though. We (I do it, too) walk into a store and pick up something that is made by someone else and complain because it’s too expensive, when really there was so much time that went into making it that if we would have made it ourselves to sell, we would have asked for so much more.

      It could totally be that we’re lazy and want to sit and watch TV all day when we’re off work, too. 🙂

  3. Glen says:

    Wanted to say that I found your blog…I will follow it..Thanks fro taking time to read mine.

    • missavogue says:

      Awww you’re welcome, Glen! Of course!!! You were one of my favorite photographers when I modeled, so I totally wish you all the best! Thanks so much for following my blog too!!! 🙂

  4. […] Also, while shopping, I found these amazing shoes (and of course, we all know how much I love my zippers!): […]

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