I found an amazing site today …

I totally rediscovered Sense of Fashion today (I found it a long time ago but just got around to looking at it again today). It’s a lot like Etsy, but exclusively for clothing and jewelry designers.

They take 15% from every sale, but (as of right now) they don’t charge any fees to list an item – which is ahh-mazing!

Here’s a sample of some of the designs on the site:

sexy cocktail by andre.nicole
Isn't this adorable???

One Ruffle Sleeve Palm Khanga Dress by chichialondon
I love the a-symmetrical design!

Supernova by mylenespencer
Look at the way the skirt hangs!

You need to go look and see! Or maybe even sell your own stuff. Either way, it’s worth the visit. πŸ™‚


3 Comments on “I found an amazing site today …”

  1. oh crap!! i’m investing in a sewing machine…I guess i’ll have my mom show me how to sew. I think I could make some really good dresses.

    • missavogue says:

      Yeah … I think I could too. That’s why I had always wanted to learn. Now that I’m at least a little confident, I feel like the possibilities are endless! πŸ™‚

  2. […] Aug One of the designers I mentioned yesterday was Andre Nicole. She is based out of the U.K. and has just listed several new products on her […]

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