My sister … the photographer!

You know, ever since I can remember, my sister has been a great photographer. She loves taking and editing pictures … And ends up with some beautiful things that she does. I used to do the same thing when I was younger. I loved editing things on the computer. Now, I guess I passed it onto my sister. 🙂

Anyway, I was just looking at her pictures on Facebook and remembered some of her amazing photos. Here are a few.

Dollie Vanity
I love my shoes

PuglyFeet? 🙂

Rainbow Slinky

Let It Snow

She lives in the middle of the DESERT! There’s no snow there.


She looks like a model 🙂

These last couple are a little deeper, but amazing. She really shows her emotion.

Card Games


❤ My sister is amazing. 🙂


One Comment on “My sister … the photographer!”

  1. […] we’re on the subject of friends’ blogs, my sister the photographer made one recently called Emma-Lee Photography. Also, Cut a Fine Feather and iamarthearmecry on […]

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