Craft TV Shows

You know, there are some amazing craft shows that come on early in the morning. Some I have been watching for a while and some I just started to watch, but I just wanted to keep you informed about what’s out there because none of them are publicized much. (By the way, click the title to go to the show’s website. Click the image to go to the site I got the image from.)

Why the craft show?

Craft shows are great for updating people on what’s new with their old favorite projects. They always have amazing tips on how to handle problems you may come across.


This was the first craft show I ever started watching. Michele Beschen loves using power tools to makeover tons of projects. The things she comes up with are usually not my style, but I watch every show because she is so inspiring.

Creative Juice

Creative Juice is my absolute favorite. They have some really great projects and at the end of the show, they always cook and make some sort of drink. Cathie Filian also has a blog that you should totally go check out. It’s just like the show – only in text form! Awesome. 🙂

Paint, Paper and Crafts

I LOVE Paint, Paper and Crafts. She has some amazing artists that come on the show. She lets each one do their crafts and painting projects so everyone can see how the artist works. It just makes me want to do whatever they’re doing on the show. 🙂

That’s Clever!

This is actually not my favorite show. I love the different crafts they have on the show, but don’t like the way it’s presented. It’s difficult to understand unless you watch the show for yourself. Each artist shows you exactly how they do their projects. Many of them use big tools such as pottery wheels and glass machines (I don’t remember what they’re called) to do their projects.

All of these shows have great artists on them with amazing information and tips. If you like D.I.Y. (do it yourself), you’ll like any of these. 🙂


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