Love Sex Money

I was just cleaning out my computer and came across some old Fashion Network podcasts that I hadn’t watched yet. Stuffed in the middle of Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 was Love Sex Money. It wasn’t a name I remembered seeing a lot, so I decided to check them out. … You guys …

How AMAZING is the beading/detailing on this dress?

The accent on the side of this dress is just so eye catching. It makes the design that much more interesting.

Parts of the collection, like this one, reminded me of Paul Poiret’s hobble skirts in the early 1900’s. The way this particular garment moved was breathtakingly beautiful.

In case you don’t know, Paul Poiret was a fashion designer in the early 1900’s who was known for his uncorseted (is that a word? Without a corset – uncorseted) dresses and hobble skirts, which are long narrow skirts that are thinnest at the bottom. If you can imagine walking in these skirts, it would be obvious why the name fits. Here are some examples of his designs.

Back to the show. …

The dress right after the one above was amazingly flattering. The silhouette is pretty popular, but it’s usually in one solid color. I love this one because the dark color around the body is slimming, but the light colored pieces on the side give it some interest. It would have a completely different effect if it was all the same color.

This dress is a lot like the first one I mentioned, but it’s silver and reminds me more of a modern 1920’s flapper dress. I love the design of the beading. Beautiful.

I will definitely check out Love Sex Money next time I see it. I might look at their Fall/Winter collection, too. For now, though, here’s the video of the show. Enjoy! 🙂


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