Find the beauty in fashion

Ugh … Beautiful.

Finding the beauty in this shoe, as with most fashion, requires an open mind. Look at the beauty in the curves. Look at the intertwining of the straps and how they look like they’re gently coming together just enough to hold the shoe on the foot. Now take in the heel. Look at the curves on the body and how they kind of mimic the straps. Imagine if that figure didn’t have that cute little booty sticking out. It would be a completely different shoe. It just wouldn’t be the same.

You see … this is why I love fashion. It just makes me so emotional. There is emotion when looking at a piece of beautiful art. It’s kind of like music. It can make you laugh and cry. If the artist is passionate about their work, it really shows through. You can feel the emotion they felt when perfecting the picture they had in their head.

Look at this piece. It’s as if she were wearing a beautiful big, soft, fluffy cloud. Look at the detail on the bodice. I wish they had a more detailed picture. It’s breathtaking.


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