VALS Survey

Just took the VALS Survey (Take it. It’s worth it and super accurate) for the second time. This time, it was actually for a class. My homework in one of my classes is to take the survey and write about your results. My primary profile is an Experiencer and my secondary is an Innovator.

In other words, I love keeping up with new things and I am an individual. The bad part? All this means I have to spend money to live the way I want. 😦

*Update* I just wrote a paper about this where I had to describe what these types said about me. Here is what I wrote:

My results from the VALS survey are perfect for me. My primary type is an Experiencer, which is the creative, fashion side of me; and my secondary type is an Innovator, which is the take-charge, techno-geek side of me.

As an Experiencer, I don’t like to conform. I am interested in being my own person and finding what interests me and not anyone else. I am open to new opportunities and possibilities. Finding new and different things is very exciting to me. I’m not into sports and outdoors, but love to exercise. Having the newest things and knowing about the newest in fashion and entertainment is where my competitive energy is directed. I don’t always think about my purchases long before making them.

Being an Innovator, I always want to have control. I have been using a computer since the 80’s – and I wasn’t even born until 1984. At age 11, I was making websites using my own HTML code – even before CSS was around. I do not like to put my name on anything unless I am proud of the work that was put into it. New challenges excite me and I am not happy being bored.

My VALS results make it obvious why fashion excites me. I love it that fashion is always changing and the beauty and taste that goes behind every collection. The results also described why I would love to open my own business one day. I have been in school for a while now and love the fact that I joined the military early so I can get paid to go to school. This helps me focus on my interests and find what business would work best for me. More money could really help, but I know in the end it will all pay off. I started a blog because I think that will be something I would love to do. I have been reading blogs for years and feel I have something to offer in that area. I would love to be my own boss and change the way some people see the world. The most successful blogs I’ve seen do just that. This ties in perfectly with my VALS survey results. The Experiencer in me wants to make everything my own. I love to do things a little off, but am positive it will work out. How many other bloggers do you know? The blogger is the new newspaper columnist who can be seen all over the world. That ties into the innovator side of me. I am very accepting of the new technologies that are out there. I understand the world is online and ready to invest in whatever interests them.


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