“How much time did you spend on that?”

I freakin’ love The Office!

I know this isn’t really on the crafts/fashion/school topic I’ve been talking about. But, if it helps, I accidentally spilled my little box of straight pins while I was reaching for my computer to write this post. I’m sure many other designers and fashion people know how that is! 😦

Anyway, The Office is such a great show! It is one of the only shows I can watch over and over again and not get bored.

The interactions between Jim and Pam are amazing. Such great Chemistry!

Michael is perfect for the boss. He’s the kind of boss I would see myself as. He’s kind of creative in his way of thinking. People think he’s insane for doing what he does. But in the end, he gets stuff done!

Ugh … SUCH a great show! I’m watching the “Local Ad” episode right now. It’s the one where Pam finds out about Jim’s Second Life character and Michael makes that awesome advertisement for the branch that corporate rejects. … Ugh! SUCH a great episode! 🙂

(By the way, has anyone seen the new Google Image page??? I haven’t been on there in so long. It’s crazy! SO different! But I kinda like it!)


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