Why blog?

You know … I really think a blog is right for me.

  1. I don’t really like to talk in a public setting, but I like to let people know what’s going on in my mind.
  2. I am a perfectionist.
  3. I have been online since I was 11.
  4. I have known how to use a computer since I was … well, I don’t remember, but the screens were still black and green, so I’m pretty sure it was still the 80’s.
  5. I have been interested in creating a website since I was pretty young. I have started several websites, but never went through with them because I got bored with the topic.
  6. I know the basics of html … from back when all people could do was marquee and make the pointer shoot brightly colored, pixelated fireworks.
  7. I am ALWAYS on my computer. If I’m at home, I’m on my computer – or my phone. That’s just how I’ve always been.

I just have a hard time with my focus. There is so much I love. But as far as passion goes, I just love beauty. I can find the beauty in so much. I go to an art school, and can not imagine a better place for me. This is the only place I’ve ever been where I make honor roll every quarter. That’s mainly because I never cared about any other program that I’ve been in. My degree is in fashion and retail management, so obviously I am very passionate about fashion. So, I guess I could write about beautiful things with a focus on fashion … but with a few other things that interest me thrown in.

Or maybe I should just let everything flow naturally. Which is how this blog originally started out.


2 Comments on “Why blog?”

  1. boatacrosstheriver says:

    I’ve had a blog myself for about a year and love it! You will find your focus. My first post (June 2009) has the very same title as yours here!

    Good luck!


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