False Eyelashes

I tried single, separate false lashes for the first time today.

I had always wanted to try them, but I never actually thought about them when I went to the store.

Then yesterday happened.

It was supposed to be just a trip to the store for some glue. I went to the Walgreens that’s right around the corner from my apartment. I picked up some mascara (LashBlast Luxe Shimmery Volumizing Mascara … it was my first time buying it. It seems to do the job 🙂 ) and went on down the aisle to see what else they had. Then I got to the eyelash section.

Here is what I decided on:

I got these lashes in the starter pack version … so they came with 2 little bitty bottles. One was the adhesive and the other one was the remover.

I tried them last night – just to see if I could put them on. In the instructions, it says you need a little piece of foil to put some of the adhesive in. As I tried to pour it out, I realized how super slow it goes. So, I ended up just dipping the eyelash in the bottle, which is not the best way to do things, but it was fine for my purposes. Putting them on was pretty tricky. I pushed them into the base of my lashes, but it was difficult to get them to flow with my real eyelashes.

The end result looked really good, though.

I pulled them off pretty much right away. Not because they were uncomfortable or anything, but because it was midnight and I wanted to go to bed.

So how did they do during the day?

Well, I tried them out today. I put them on at about 1:00. I wore them as I went out to go to the bank and the store and taking care of other things. I didn’t really feel them unless I squeezed my eyes really tightly – which I don’t know why any normal person would do regularly, anyway. I continued to wear them until I was sitting at my computer when I got home. Not paying attention, I rubbed my eyes. One fell out onto my cheek and I remembered I was wearing them. I lightly pulled them off of my eyes and noticed I only had 4 of the 6 clusters I put on this morning. After looking all over me, I found one on my boyfriend’s cheek. He didn’t notice so I just kind of took it off, told him he had an eyelash on his cheek, and threw it away. He doesn’t need to know who’s eyelash it was. 🙂

I still haven’t found the last one.

So, if you see an eyelash…


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