About this blog …

You know … I really hope this blog works. I’ve been a blog reader for so long. I have my favorites and keep up with them whenever I have time. I read so many articles on how to succeed as a blogger. I just always get discouraged because no one ever comes to my blog – so I get uninterested. But I really want this one to work.

I have started talking to a friend of mine from school who is getting a graphics design degree so he can help me with designing a header. I can design the rest of the page around that and hopefully make it feel more like my blog – like a second home.

I want a blog that I can learn from. Maybe even make money off of in the future. This is the perfect time for me to start one because I don’t have a job. I go to school full time and get paid for it. So, if I start building my blog now when I can focus on it, I think that would make me more successful in the future.


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