You know what would be an awesome job?

I would love to be a beta tester. … I think that’s what they’re called. … But the people who test things from the beginning. … Like the ones that have made it through the whole game before anyone else. … I would love to do that! With any kind of game. …

Like Sorority Life. I love that game. I’m a level 158 and still play it daily. It helps me relax. I even have a chart made out on Notepad (and then transferred it to OneNote so I could put pictures) with how much Glam I need to complete each event – and how much I have already. I also keep track of what I Fight with and how much Energy I need for each event. I use a lot of the info to control my Glam so I don’t overspend.

I love strategy games like that. I used to love Farmville, but I’m not as into it because it made my computer freeze up. Also, they made me mad because I never got an Easter Basket in my Giftbox … and their customer service didn’t help me at all. I had a little guide for that when I played it a lot, though. They can be pretty handy. 🙂

It’s so much fun for me to make these things. I could make how-to strategy guides for whatever I’m testing. I just think it would be a great job for me.

I could be the person on the outside who understands the inside. I could test the game (or site … whichever) before anyone else and make suggestions to help it reach it’s fullest potential. I love helping people out, and I think my opinions could be really valuable.

I understand business. I know that in order to devote your time to something, you need to make money. So, you need to sell things (like Brownie Points in Sorority Life) to make enough money to support yourself and your business.

I want to be involved in something from the start. I love being the first to discover things.

That would be such an amazing job. …

So, if anyone needs a tester for ANYTHING … You know where to find me! 🙂 I love trying new things, so I will totally give anything a chance.


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