At The Moment

I always keep tabs open on my Firefox. … At any given time, I have 2-3 windows with 5-7 tabs each open all the time. Some of it is important … Things I need to get to pretty quickly… and others are just things I find interesting that I want to come back to. Anyway, I thought I would take you through the ones I have open right now. 🙂

Window 1, Tab 1 ~ Google Reader
I always have Google Reader up. … It’s my favorite RSS reader I’ve come across. I have a few select subscriptions (58. It used to be over 100, but I had to tone it down…) that I love to read, but I don’t always have the time when school is in session. So, I keep it up until I can get the number of unread blogs to 0. Then I close it for a little while to let it rest.

Window 1 Tab 2 ~ Fashion Grads’ Grim Outlook
This is an article I’ve had up for a while because I really want to read it. It’s about people in the fashion field getting out of school and not having a job. I need to read this article because this is going to be me in a couple years. I just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. 😦 Maybe I will soon.

Window 1 Tab 3 ~ Gmail
ALWAYS have Gmail open. I’m constantly trying to clean it out. I have 12,013 unread messages, but every time I get a second to look through them, I don’t get too far.

Window 1 Tab 4 ~ Calorie Count
I am in the process of losing weight. I have been counting calories for a while and am keeping track of my weight. This is a great website that does all of that. I only use it when I’ve lost weight, though. … Guess it kind of defeats the purpose, but I always keep it up just in case.

Window 1 Tab 5 ~ Facebook
Of course, I always have Facebook up. I get on it mainly to share stuff with my family and friends and play Sorority Life. 🙂

Window 2 Tab 1 ~ Wallpapered Glass Coasters
This is on the Martha Stewart website. I really want to make these! I’ve been trying to find glass so I can make them sometime.

Window 2 Tab 2 ~ Style Studio: Milan Highlights
Every day when I work out, I watch some kind of video on my computer. These are videos on from Fashion Week for Fall 2010. This is the one I ended on today. 🙂

Window 2 Tab 3 ~ Spilled Paint
Oh look … My blog! 🙂 … Actually, it’s the Dashboard for my blog. I always have it up even if I’m not writing anything. If I see it, I’m more likely to write something every once in a while.

Window 3 Tab 1 ~ Gala Darling
My absolute FAVORITE blog. I always have her blog open because I always want to read everything. Sometimes, I get a little behind, so I will keep her blog open until I read through all of the new posts I haven’t read yet.

Window 3 Tab 2 ~ Elfpath
Don’t really know what it is, but Gala recommended it, so it’s open so I can look at it. It seemed interesting. 🙂

Window 3 Tab 3 ~ My MyShape Personal Shop
They claim to be able to tell you what flatters your shape by the measurements you put into their form. It really works! But, do this when you have the time to. It’s not something you quickly sign up for. It takes a while to get all of the measurements put in. But when you finally get them all into the system, it’s totally worth it! It tells you the shapes you should be wearing. So, when you’re looking for pieces to flatter your body, use their guidelines to choose what is going to work. I kinda love this site right now. 🙂

Window 3 Tab 4 ~ Shape Anatomy – A
This is my personal shape. This page has all the tips on it about my shape and how to dress it. I had it open because I was trying to see what in fashion right now would flatter me.

Window 3 Tab 5 ~ Pumps at Nordstrom
I was actually looking for nude shoes when I came to this page, where my search just stopped because I got bored. I heard a tip when I was watching videos on The Style Network’s site about wearing nude shoes with white dresses in the summer (fabulous tip). It makes the leg look longer and doesn’t cut anything off. I’d think of it as the glass slipper of today … It’s pretty much clear, but your feet aren’t as restricted. Can you imagine how toes really looked in those things? It’s like the clear plastic shoes we wore when we were 5. Anyway, the nude shoe won’t make your toes look squished. 🙂 So I wanted to see what was out there as far as nude shoes go.

Goodness! 🙂 … These will change soon, so I’ll be back soon. …


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