Shoes! :)

Looking around on Neiman Marcus’ website. … Here are a few things I love (if only I could afford them!!!):

I usually don’t like strappy sandals … but these are amazing. They have thicker straps so they wont cut off the circulation to your feet … ❤
Christian Louboutin ~ $975

These look like they’re gonna just hug my feet … ♥ Ugh … love. ♥

Sergio Rossi ~ $850

I don’t usually go for the military look … 4 years in the military kind of turned me off of that … but these are FREAKING ADORABLE …
Christian Louboutin ~ $995

This reminds me of an old curtain tieback … and I love it. 🙂 Beautiful.
Christian Louboutin ~ $1,495

I love the folds in this one. Beautifully designed.
Elizabeth & James ~ $375

I don’t usually wear rain boots, but if I did, these would be the ones I would wear.
Valentino ~ $295

❤ … These would look terrible on me … but they’re amazingly gorgeous.
Valentino ~ $1,595

These are simple but beautiful. … *sigh*
Manolo Blahnik ~ $925


2 Comments on “Shoes! :)”

  1. Kelly M says:

    The pink strappy heels remind me of you… totally mel-bell! The military heels are amazing! Love the details, but they’re still simple. I’ve been noticing all the different style of booties. I like the look, but I don’t know that I would ever buy a pair. The Manolo Blahniks remind me of a garden trellis. Great article!

  2. missavogue says:

    *Love* the pink strappy ones. So cute!

    I love booties. I have a couple pairs, but don’t wear them too often. They are some of my favorite shoes, though. My favorite time to wear them is in the winter with tights and a skirt. So cute 🙂

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