That freakin’ “Stocks” app on iPhone

I don’t follow stocks. I know that’s terrible. I have a good idea now of what’s going on since I am working on a business major, but it’s true. I hate stocks. … Maybe it’s because growing up, I heard nothing but stock market talk all the freakin time. I just never understood it before, so it always confused me. Now that I do understand it, I still hate it. …

ANYWAY, I was making my new folders on my iPhone (cause someone FINALLY came up with an idea to put that in the new update … Ugh it’s totally about time!) and can’t figure out where to put the “Stocks” app!!! You can’t delete it! … And I don’t want it to just sit on the outside of all my folders with the other folder rejects … so I have no idea where to put it.

Before the invention of iPhone folders (again – GENIUS!!!), I made folders of my own. … Each “page” was a folder. I was the only one who knew this, so everyone else thought my phone was a jumbled mess. … BUT IT REALLY WASN’T! 🙂 … I knew if I swooshed right two screens, where my invisible “Games” folder started, my Killer Sudoku game was at the bottom right corner, second from the last. The “Stocks” app was kept in the folder with all of the “Informational” stuff … the apps that I only go to if I need to look something up. But in this new folder system, the folders can only hold a certain number of apps (4 less than my old “folders”), so my folder titled “Informational” is now full. … And I have no place for my “Stocks” app.

I thought about the “News” folder … because it would make sense, right? The information in the app is news, so why wouldn’t I put it in there? I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I really believe this app deserves more. I just can’t give it the love it needs.


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